Career Guidelines for Students Who Are Starting First Job

Career GuidelinesFirst job always involves a lot of enthusiasm and passion. After completing your degree you are going to start your practical life which is far more different from the life you have imagined and studies during your degree. Deciding a discipline or majors to study is one thing and choosing the right plan and path for a career is the most important thing that is going to have an impact on your whole life. So you need to be very cautious and practical in deciding about your career. Here are some tips and suggestions for you by a dissertation help firm which will hopefully work for you in planning rightly about your career. Think unbiasedly about what you really want to be, what’s your dreams and goals.

This decision also involves the degree you have recently completed. You also have to consider those paths as an option that is related to your degree. For example, if you have graduated in computer science you have so many options to choose; you can start your career as a computer science teacher, as a computer administrator, you can join any multinational or private or public organization’s computer or IT department. But this choice totally depends on your goals for the future. If you want to be a lecturer in future and plans to be in the educational field then starting your career as a computer teacher in high school or college is a good idea as it will not only give you experience but also you can continue your Masters in the same field which will let you to step in as a lecturer. But if you like administrative work then you should go to search for a reputable private or public organization job.

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While searching for jobs there are many factors that you must keep in mind. When you will start searching for the job you will see many attractive opportunities from many firms but it is not wise to apply for all of them. You should first thoroughly search about the employer, reputation of the company in the market, what kind of the business the company is involved in and what is the locality of its operation. Is it a local company or operating internationally? What kind of job they are offering and what is the expected salary they have offered. You need to compare their offered salary with the market salary trend against the same job or position. Are they offering any incentives and allowances with the basic pay?

If the company is located in a far off area or out of the city then are they offering any fuel or conveyance allowance or the company has its own transport facility available for its employees. You are most probably going to enter any industry or company as an entry level employee, so you need to search in detail about the growth opportunities available within the company. Do these opportunities match with your plans for next to five years? Does entering this company take you to the same position as you see yourself in the next ten years?

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You also need to search for the special opportunities offered by some organizations especially for students and recent graduates. The posts announced by these organizations for new graduates are designed specially in a way that allows maximum learning opportunities. These organizations offer special incentives for students, education allowance and also flexible working time for students who are working with studying. There are different ways through which you can apply for a job. Job ads are available in newspapers, on websites of the companies, recruiting and testing agencies, online websites and forums.

You need to check the daily newspaper for available jobs and vacancies. You can create accounts on different websites like LinkedIn and Indeed and upload your resume and CV for getting alerts for new job opportunities that match your educational background and preferred fields. Your resume is also an important thing that matters a lot in getting a job. It is in the formal yet attractive style and must be up to date. You can create specific resumes for specific jobs. It must include your educational qualification, certification, your experience relevant to the applied job, skills and achievements. Job searching and career planning is not very easy. It needs you to be patient especially when you are a recent graduate and have no experience. You need to show yourself as the most competent and right person for the job. Don’t lose hope or give up.