Improving Classroom Discussions

There are many benefits of classroom discussion, learning and challenge to develop. The benefits include the engagement of students with course content, class fellows and it helps to increase the use the skills of critical thinking. Discussion in the classroom helps students to participate in the class. Moreover, it also helps students to improve their communication skills and language.

Students when involved in classroom discussion then they are more able to learn and memorize. It also helps students to practice the second language. Many methods help to improve the participation of students in discussion. The classroom discussion could be other than lecture or irrelevant to the academy. Even then, students should participate in discussion to remain confident and inspire teachers.

Nowadays students are also graded on the basis of the student’s participation in the class. Teachers use to consider highly participated students as highly graded students. Moreover, it has also seen that students who participate more in the class discussion or speaks more in class concerning studies, they often take higher grades than the students who are shy and do not speak in class.

In order to get students involved in the class discussion teachers should give them time to develop their ideas and opinion regarding the topic before discussion. In order to gather their thoughts they should be given time to have a quick writing on the topic. It is helpful or work more effectively for more introvert students who usually need more time in order to reflect before speaking.

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Teachers should divide students in small parts or groups because many researchers have shown that students who works in small groups work effectively. Moreover, students who work in small groups with students and their peers feel more comfortable and motivated in order to explore more while speaking in front of teachers and the whole class.

In order to develop interest in students to participate in class, teachers should provide the interesting topics to students in a list. Discussion topics are good that are universal in focus, significant, perceptive and arguable.

Rules of class discussion should be taught to students such as listening, disagreeing respectfully, making an argument, eye contact, etc. teacher expects students to know the rule by themselves, but it is also the responsibility of the teacher to tell the rules in detail to the students so that they can perform effectively.

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Teachers should assign the topic or tasks to the students so that they can focus in a group. Each student should have a specific role in a group so that each student can participate to discuss different things. Each student should have particular task, i.e. reading, making notes in order to keep them focused.

The teacher should also make sure that each group contains the efficient students along with average students that can help average students to understand how to perform in classroom discussions. Moreover, give a time limit to student so that they remain focused towards discussion. In addition, give students more opportunities for feedback and practice.