Learn the Difference Between Your Essays to Get Better Marks

Difference Between EssaysEssays are of many types. Sometimes when you get to do essay writing, teachers do tell you what type of an essay they want. But a lot of times they don’t and they leave it to you to identify which essay type it is and how it will be written. There are mainly four kinds of essay writing which are expository, descriptive, narrative and argumentative. All of these may follow the same format of an introduction, main body and a conclusion but not all of them have the same kinds of purpose and writing.

For instance, if we talk about Expository essays, they do start just like a normal essay but they are far straighter than the other basic kind of essays. In an expository essay, reader has to find facts and then base an argument on the facts. The writer does not get to be creative in expository essays and write it in a very straight forward language. Of course this type of an essay needs a lot of research as well as the writer is supposed to write the valid content and nothing can be made up.

Descriptive essay writing is different than expository. Descriptive essays are giving the writer the liberty to play around with words while describing things beautifully and explicitly. They can take a whole paragraph in writing about the thing that is the main focus of the essay. The descriptive essay makes the reader experience the same experiences as the author and they see things through the author’s eyes. Narrative essay is story like where writer narrates the whole story. The story is a personal experience so there will hardly be a topic given by the teacher himself.

In a narrative essay the writer explains the experience in a sequence and so there are always feelings involved in the essay writing. The main purpose here as well to make the reader experience your experience but a narrative essay in broader sense helps the reader understand himself. Argumentative essay in its simplest definition gives pros and cons of a subject and discusses an argument on the basis of these both. Argumentative essay is also different from conventional essay writing and it also takes more work and some research as well to write.

You can’t write an argumentative essay without plenty of research. As you can see that there are several types of essays, you can get anyone of these to write and you must know their main purpose. Writing an essay is nothing less than an art. The writer needs to know all the types in order to write a flawless essay. If you face difficulties during essay writing then you can hire an essay writing service and get the essays written by them. You can get excellent essays written by experienced writers for a very easily managed price and you will be fully satisfied with their work.