An automated operated machine that replaces human efforts either it is looking just like human beings or not is known as robotic technology. There are lots of benefits of robotic technology because it is reducing the costs of the companies, it is enhancing quality and accuracy, it is creating an uninterrupted workflow, it is improving the experience of the customers and it can also perform complex tasks very easily. In the field of education, we can’t deny the importance of robotic technology. Robotic technology can be useful in the classroom learning in the following ways;



It is an essential robot that is developed at Harvard University. This robot can be used in classrooms in order to teach the children how to code. This essential robotic software has more than 50 sensors and actuator motors. With the help of magnets, we can easily use this robot on a vertical surface like a whiteboard. Teachers can easily connect this robot with Wi-Fi and mobile. After connecting it with mobile, it is easy for teachers to control their functions. The main aim of this robot is to engage the students in computer programming by engaging them in some immediate and physical results.


It is known as one of the modern concepts in robotic technology. Teachers can easily use cubelets kit in the classroom. In a cubelets kit, there are 6 to 20 different blocks. Each block of this kit has the ability to perform different functions on the basis of sense, think and act. The main aim of these kinds of robots is to encourage students to plan and think about something logically. Before using this robotic technology in the class, there is no need to teach your students about its connections because students find it easy to snap together its components with the help of magnetic connections.

Dash and Dot

It is a pair of robot friends. Dash is a larger robot and it has movable wheels and a moveable head. On the other hand, Dot is a smaller robot. These two robots have an array of sensors and with the help of these sensors, these robots find it easy to interact with each other. These robots are helpful for students in the classroom because these robots can easily teach the basics of programming to the students.

Ozobot Bit

Ozobot Bit is also an essential robotic technology that can be used in the classroom. This robotic technology allows students to learn coding and logic skills. Moreover, this robotic technology is also helpful for the students to involve themselves in some complex activities like how to play some interesting games and how to dance. This robotic technology has the ability to teach 500 different moves to recreate customize dances. This essential technology is also helpful for students to respond to different colours with the help of different actions. This robotic technology is also helpful for students to learn fundamental coding by involving the students in different kinds of activities.

On the other hand, mBot is also an essential technology that is helpful for students to learn the fundamentals of electronics and programming etc.

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