Tips to write a problem statement

The problem statement is the argumentative statement that exemplifies overall methods and clear vision that to be used in order to solve the problem at hand. A problem statement discusses the probable intangible and tangible problem that a researcher might face during the course of the project.

In order to write a problem statement effectively, write down your vision. It is important to understand the vision in order to decide what to be doing when solving the problem. You should ensure to include the benefit of problem solving. You should take time to write the vision concisely and clearly.

You should write a statement of the issue that describes the problem and why it is necessary to solve the problem. The problem statement mostly comprises of two sentences, but these two sentence statements should reflect the specific issues related to problems and the problems that you are encountering.

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To write your problem statement, writing a method that you are planning to use to solve the problem is the vital part.  The methods of solving the problem can help to convey the steps that you will take to solve the problem.

The four “Ws” can help you out to write a problem statement. Each student in their primary school might learn about four “Ws”. The four “Ws” are why, when, where and who. These questions should be answered when writing a problem statement.  While writing the problem statement you could incorporate these questions and answer them properly.

Writing a problem statement is very important because it helps to create more guided and cohesive projects. Moreover, it helps to focus your research. In many areas of research, it is easier to get abstracted by the wealth of information and knowledge that is available. When writing a problem statement for your research paper, you can force yourself to be focused on answering a particular question. It will allow to accomplish the best results and wastage of time can be reduced following unnecessary detours and avenues from the main objective.

A good problem statement should be substantial enough to contribute to the existing body of research. It should be written in such a way that lead to more research. Moreover, it should be interesting to the reader and be ethical.

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Construct a problem statement by describing the desired state or goal of a given phenomenon and situation. It will help to build the ideal situation such as what is expected, what is desired.

Explain the situation that prevents the state or goal from being realized or achieved at the present time. It will help to build the situation and reality and establish the gap between what is and what should be.

After describing the desired situation and establishing gap now it is time to link the terms with but, however, unfortunately or in spite of.  Then highlight the benefits of research by bulging the outcomes of probable solutions as well.