Perhaps you were the best student in high schools, you have won awards and medals, no matter you were class president but when you enter college, there is a new world and you are a new student there with no background.

The life of college is very different from school. You have to experience many different things there. Change is very hard to accept. The first year in college is hard but not anymore with all these tips and tricks.

  1. Go to all orientations

Go to every orientation to familiarize yourself with everything and person. The faster you will learn, it will help you to adjust yourself more easily. Orientation helps you to get prepared for issues if arise in future.

  1. Attend Class

Attending classes, that is why students go to college. Skipping class for sleep is tempting at times but it is good to go to class. Besides learning, you will receive knowledge and information from teachers. Attend all classes to get an information about tests and assignments due dates.

  1. Know course requirements and due date

The lamest excuse a student can make is that he is not aware of the due dates. Professional spend hours on preparing your courses and lectures and it is your responsibility to make yourself understand all the requirements of the course and due dates.

  1. Meet professors

It is always good to meet and know your professors. It will help you understand not only nature but also will clear any ambiguity and confusion related to your course. Professors have fixed time to meet students, take advantage of that.

  1. Strive for good grades

It is the sole responsibility of a student to study and earn good grades. Attend your classes; understand your courses and assignments do your assignment on time. Work hard for tests and exams to get good grades. Compete with yourself.

  1. Find the ideal place to study

Every student has his own comfort zone. Some study at home, some prefer library. Find your comfort zone and study there. This will help you feel relaxed and get good grades in exams and tests.

  1. Find the career services office

Every college has career service office. Find that office and try to spend time there to get counseling about your career. This will help you to identify your career choices. You have a direction to work on.

  1. Take advantage of study resources

There are many study resources available at the college. There are library and tutors available in the campus who can help you in your study if you face any trouble.

  1. Make time for yourself

Your studies are important but your health is more important than anything is. Spare time for leisure activities. This will help you to improve your physical and mental health.

  1. Keep balance

Always keep balance in your study and social life. Do not compromise one for other. Your social life is as important as a study. If you study hard, you will be able to enjoy your social life more.