It is your thesis and you need to get it submitted in a week. There is much of the work left in the thesis that is making you so anxious and worried. Here comes the help of the online writing services that promise that they will complete the leftover thesis in 5 days. that’s a great offer. Wit two days extra in hand, you can take out time check the thesis again if it is in accordance with the university as well as the supervisor’s requirements and demands. There you go, you place the order. Wait! Placing the order is not enough. For the better work and to make sure that the thesis comes out as expected, it is important that you keep in touch with the writer who is given the job of completing your thesis. So why is it is important to stay in touch with the writer? Here is why.

Don’t forget it is your thesis. This thesis is the requirement of your degree, not the writers. the thesis is more important to you as it will define the level of the degree that you will be awarded. The writer will only be paid for it. Thereby there is a need that the communications should be ongoing with the writer until the thesis is completed. There are many things that need to be known by the writer. The writer should be detailed about what the thesis is all about, why you have chosen that topic and what is your aim in choosing the topic. The thesis should reflect the aims and the hard work of thinking and brainstorming of the student.  The thesis is not just about writing down the content and the aims. The writer should be told what your actual degree title is and how the thesis correlates with the degree. It is important for the writer too to know what is the basis and foundation of the thesis.

Apart from the very background of the thesis, it is important that the writer should be asked if he or she is having any problem in understanding the arrangement and organization of the content of the thesis. The problems need to be communicated on time in order to make sure that the thesis can be completed on time. In addition, the student should make sure that the detailed organization of the thesis in terms of headings, subheadings, required content and word count should be provided to the writer. This will help the writer too.

Most of the help is needed by the writer in the compilation of the chapter of findings and results. The methods have been chosen by the students and the results have been found by the student either with the help of the lab work or surveys. The compilation of the results requires the inclusion of some important findings and they need to b communicated to the writer.