How to Move Forward With Criticism and Defend Your Dissertation the Best Way

Most of the students working on their dissertations are not happy with the results because they believe that their teachers take their dissertations very critically and they get comments that are not very positive or very encouraging. One reason for this is that when students are asked to present their papers, they are not able to defend them the right way and this is the reason why their teachers are not so pleased with their efforts and grade them marginally.

It is necessary for students to maintain a positive attitude when they are presenting their paper to their supervisors because it is the job of a supervisor to check out the paper critically and assess it as it has been done by the students.

The students must also understand what teachers want to see in their papers and also learn to take criticism the positive way so that they can understand what it is all about. This article is a guide for students as it helps them move forward with criticism and defend their Dissertation Writing the best way and prove that they have written a masterpiece.

Before actually going for the defense of the proposal, the students need to know that they will receive feedback on their work and it will be a combination of positive and negative comments.  For students who have already submitted their paper to the teachers, it is necessary to maintain a stoic outlook and take everything in stride, knowing that teachers are not doing it to spite them but to correct their mistakes and help them move forward in their academic career.

For students who still have their dissertations with them and have yet to submit it to their teachers, they must check their paper out with a critical eye and ask either their friends or family members or even their fellow students to read the paper, ask questions and try to make sure that they have left no loopholes in their research that can lead to criticism.

The students must know that after submission of their dissertations, the same teachers who were really supportive and helpful will seem bad because they will criticize their every effort and monitor their every sentence and line that students will not like. However, it is a part of their job and they are doing it just to check out how well students have learned and if they will be able to do well in their future and prove their potential once they enter the job market.

The students must gain perspective on the criticism before they react on it before they might overreact and later feel bad. They might even feel depressed and angry when receiving criticism, thinking that teachers are being unjust but the best way to deal with it is to take things positive and think why the teachers are criticizing it and how they are seeing the research.  This is the only way students can move forward and defend their paper the best way.  For more details visit: Cheap Dissertation Writing Services