Online Interactive Tools to Monitor Education Progress

Online Interactive Tools for EducationThese days learning has become very different than what it used to be in the past. A few decades back, there were only textbooks, references books and notes that students could consult for their academic purpose and they had to spend hours on finding the right book to get the information they were looking for. Modern technology has made life and education very easy and students, as well as teachers, are using it to stay connected and enjoy the benefits of digital education. These days students have a world of information at their fingertips which has made access to knowledge very easy yet there are so many areas of the field that are still unexplored.

The term ‘digital classroom’ has been loosely defined and it applied to classrooms that utilize modern technology and communication tools for teaching students. This information can be either used online or in a traditional classroom for better learning and has numerous benefits for the learners as well as educators. Modern technology brings with it some highly effective and interactive tools that enable teachers to monitor the students’ progress and see how well they are studying. Listed here are the top online interactive tools by dissertation writing services UK so that teachers and even parents can use for monitoring the educational progress of students in real-time.

Learn Boost:

This application helps teachers as well as parents by giving them a chance to track students’ progress in real-time and at a certain period. It acts as a digital report card and the teachers can put up new lessons, schedules and even keep a record of students’ attendance in class. The best thing about this tool is that it can be integrated with Google Apps and protect all the key details in the cloud and last but not least, it is free of cost.


Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is an impressive platform that is fundamentally a Learning Management System (LMS). At the same time, it enables learners and instructors to come up with personalized learning environments to suit their academic needs. With the help of various features, plugins, and modules, its effectiveness can be further increased; in addition to this, it is also an open-source initiative that means it’s free of cost.

Class Dojo:

This is a digital classroom management tool that has become very popular as it empowers the teachers to improve student conduct in class and keeps the parents updated on how their child is doing. With the help of their digital device, the teachers can increase or decrease points in every student’s profile and they are displayed on the smartboard. With this app, the instructors can also generate reports and share them with parents for real-time monitoring of student progress.


This online interactive tool offers an effective means to teachers and cheap dissertation writing services for displaying elaborate data to learners in the form of flow charts, diagram or graphs. This is an online flowchart generation app that also comes with a real-time teamwork facility. It enables several users to attain and modify flowcharts and chat at the same time to avoid confusion. The best thing about this app is its feature of tracking all the changes that are made as well as who is part of the teamwork.


This is a great educational app as both the teachers and students can use it for uploading images, photographs, clip arts, scanned material, their artwork and even PowerPoint slides along with voice notes on the uploaded material. This is a great means to exchange and promote collaborative efforts and enhance creativity. Teachers can make of use this app tool uploading new courses and audio comments for explaining things or commenting on students’ work.


Suggested by a custom dissertation writing service, with this tool, teachers can keep an eye on all the students in their class, manage their grades and export them to Microsoft Excel. This app helps to track students’ attendance and their performance so that the teacher knows exactly how a student is doing. With this app, the teachers can develop interactive courses using the materials they collect online or even come up with online tests that assist the students in test preparations.


This virtual platform provides educators with a chance to integrate all the learning material like course work, presentations and even extracurricular exercises that need to be communicated to students. The best thing about this app is the vast variety of resources it has and the way they are coordinated so that teachers and learners do not face any confusion while searching for the relevant material. The digitalization of education has certainly proved to be a great help for teachers as well as students. With these online interactive tools, it has become very convenient for teachers to stay connected with their pupils even outside the classroom and help them learn better with mediums they understand and know well.