Top K-12 Educational Games That Students Can Play

K-12 Educational GamesK-12 educational systems have modified the ways of learning in recent years. The schools powered by K-12 have altered the conventional forms of learning. Learning of new concepts and ideas has become more fun in these educational systems. The introduction of educational games in the classroom makes it much easier to engage the children in learning. There are a number of educational games that allow educators to make the learning process more effective and efficient.

According to coursework writing service, K-12 educational games provide a deeper insight into various subjects and improve command of children over these particular subjects. When it becomes difficult for a teacher to make certain concepts easier and understandable for the students these games may prove beneficial at such circumstances. In the article below some of the K-12 educational games are highlighted so that you can make the process of learning much better and enjoyable.


GoNoodle is a series of web-based videos, games, and activities which introduce some physical exercise in the classroom. It is an effective solution for young children who need to burn up some energy to be more focused on their tasks. It brings a variety of activities for the students. GoNoodle provides great opportunities for students to work with more concentration throughout a long academic day. As it incorporates a vast range of activities it allows a teacher to choose the activities that suit them best. Physical fitness and relaxation both have soothing effects during learning. It provides teachers with an interactive way to make students learn through fun and games. GoNoodle covers a variety of areas and also help children to manage their emotions and behaviours.

Teacher Gaming

TeacherGaming is another distinguished platform that pairs digital games with high-quality lesson plans and learning analytics. Using the TeacherGaming Desk (dashboard), teachers can find various lessons through topics and then assign activities according to them. A unique code is required to connect to the TeacherGaming app. As told by dissertation writing service, when kids play the games teacher will access and monitor their performance and view standards-aligned analytics. While some games support only specific platforms many others are web-based and easily accessible. These games also require the teacher to play with the students to get them motivated. Many of these games are specifically built with an intention to enhance educational abilities and thus play an important role in the learning process.

Tinybop Schools

It is a web-based tool for encouraging students to learn scientific and engineering concepts. These concepts of science are taught through high-quality models and simulations. The children may be asked to work individually or collectively in the form of groups to explore various systems of the human body, the water cycle, the structure of plants and many other objects of scientific study. For the younger students, the teacher can first conduct a classroom activity that would later encourage them to work on their own. It must be noticed that this app is designed in the way that it only allows exploration of a certain concept. It does not provide explanations so the teacher is obliged to help the students to make meaning from the observations. Tinybop has created several handbooks and worksheets for the students. Through these materials, students learn new concept and are able to access great thinking questions. These learning aids help both the teacher and the student.

Fruity Fractions

It teaches basic fractions concepts to the students of first to third grade. Student work with various shapes like circles, triangle, square, rectangle and irregular shapes and divide them into equal parts unintentionally. Thus they learn the concepts of fractions without actually noticing the process in their game world. Along with instructions it also provides practice. It works on a gradual process of moving from simple to more complex forms. Students analyze the concept of fractions by cutting the fruit of various shapes into equal parts and divide them into numerator and denominator.

The Land of Venn – Geometric Defense

This gaming tool is used by the teacher as well as assignment writing services to propagate about the geometric shapes. The Land of Venn – Geometric Defense is a game based on the principles of geometry. The students have to beat the evil wizard and his monster while applying principles of geometry. Kids use various strategies to draw lines and shapes to defeat the wizard and his monsters. As students play this game they learn the properties of geometric shapes and grasp new concepts of geometry. Thus students seamlessly learn new concepts of geometry without noticing. K-12 educational games have revolutionized the learning process. Learning is now more fun with a variety of games that are associated with the coursework and facilitate it through different means.